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Do you own a car but do not have a driver? You need not worry, we have a solution for you.

AJS Call Drivers & Travels specializes in providing dedicated drivers who can drive your car for you. With a team of experienced and trained drivers, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is in the hands of a responsible and reliable driver.

AJS Call Drivers provides an affordable, safe and reliable service for those who need a driver in Chennai, acting drivers in Adyar. Our drivers are all thoroughly vetted and trained to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe experience. We also offer competitive rates so you can enjoy your ride without having to worry about the cost. You can hire a professional driver for just Rs.100 per hour in Chennai. (Minimum(City Limit ) 4 Hr’s : Rs 400)

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and safety for our customers. Our drivers are well trained and experienced in providing the best service. We strive to make sure that you feel safe and secure when you travel with us.

You do not have to worry about traffic or safety when you use AJS Call Drivers & Travels. Make sure your journey is smooth and stress-free with AJS Call Drivers & Travels.


Tips for Safe Journey

Buckle Your Seatbelt

Always remember to buckle your seatbelt whenever you get behind the wheels. Over the years, it has a proven record of reducing the chances of you getting involved in a fatal car crash.

Be Super Cautious at Intersections

According to studies, drunk drivers are more prone to accidents at intersections and this is because they usually fail at obeying traffic signals and stop signs.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

It’s okay to drive behind other vehicles while on the road but for the sake of protecting yourself from drunk drivers, you need to be more careful. To do this, you would need to stay back even further than you would normally drive.

Avoid Late-Night Driving

As much as you can, you should avoid driving late at night; especially on weekends when more drivers tend to indulge themselves in alcohol consumption.

Volunteer to be a Designated Driver

One proactive way to protect yourself from drunk drivers is by staying sober and volunteering to drive your friends/loved ones home, especially when you know they are likely to indulge in alcohol to the point of getting too drunk to be able to drive safely.

Holidays Come With Additional Risks

Holiday seasons are that time of the year when people tend to indulge themselves a bit more in the consumption of alcohol as they have fun and socialize.

Flexibility and Convenience

In Chennai hiring a driver gives you the freedom and convenience to travel at your own pace and according to your own schedule. You may tailor your transportation requirements to meet your demands, whether you need a driver for a few hours or for the whole day. As your driver will do these activities for you, you also won’t have to worry about finding parking or navigating through traffic.


Through AJS Call Drivers & Travels, people are able to access a variety of services at an affordable cost and with great convenience. It can be used for short trips, rides to and from the airport, or even long-distance rides. AJS Call Drivers provides innovative solutions for those looking for a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to travel.

The one-way drop
Outstation Drive
Partying Out
Valet Services
Airport / Railway Station

You can trust AJS Call Drivers & Travels to make your journey seamless and stress-free. We offer services such as monthly drivers in tharamani, permanent driver in kottivakkam, monthly chauffeur service indira nagar, valet parking services pattinapakkam, call drivers in kotturpuram, acting driver alwarpet, and professional drivers for hire Chennai.





Night Service

We provide 24x7 driver service, so you no longer have to worry about late night travel or any emergency travelling. We provide safe & skilled drivers especially for women to travel without any fear. We provide services on all holidays.



Valet Parking

We Provide Valet Drivers for Star Hotels, Showrooms, Malls, Marriage Halls, Functions, Parties and Get-togethers and etc.



Outstation Trip

Providing highly experienced Drivers for Outstation Trip. They know all the Routes thoroughly and can drive safely on highways in Day & Night times.

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